Wayne Stinnett, Author

Wayne Stinnett, Author

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Fallen Hunter is Now Available.

   Fallen Hunter, the exciting sequel to Fallen Palm, is now available at Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats.
   It continues the story of Jesse McDermitt about four months after the end of Fallen Palm. Jesse is called upon by a friend to help her father, Carl Trent, who has been coerced into running drugs into Key West aboard his shrimp trawler.
   He's also called upon by his friend Deuce to ferry two of Deuce's anti-terrorist team into Cuba, to gather intelligence on a Hezbollah camp that's planning to attack innocent civilians at the annual Carnaval celebration in Little Havana. In a coincidental turn of events, the Cuban who Trent is smuggling the drugs for is also the person supplying arms to the terrorist camp.
   Once again, fast boats abound, along with some great underwater scenery, before the guns come out and all hell breaks loose from Key West, to Cozumel, Mexico, to the western tip of Cuba.

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