Wayne Stinnett, Author

Wayne Stinnett, Author

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Finding Time to Write

Between careers, kids, spouses, and other responsibilities, many writers find it difficult to carve out time to write. Then there are interruptions. Just when you're getting into your groove, little Billy's diaper needs changing, or the wife reminds you that the grass needs to be mowed and it's getting dark.

So how do you find quality time to let your creative side run free without interruptions. Being a full time writer, it's not quite so hard for me. I usually listen to trop-rock music when I'm just catching up on email, networking, researching, and such. But when I'm writing, I prefer soft jazz. The door to my office is always open, but my family knows that if soft jazz is playing, any interruption should be preceded with a shout of "Fire!"

Recently, a friend came up with a solution outside the box. Alison Ryan is her pen name. She has a husband and four young boys, so interruptions are part and parcel to her day. She found an office co-op. This is where a group of people go in together to rent office space, usually at a price per person per day far less than a latte at Starbucks. Everyone is there to work, not socialize. And many times, she's the only one there.

Imagine that. A quiet office where you can be alone with the voices in your head. It even comes with a coffee maker and supplies. So, how do you create an environment that's conducive with getting words out?


  1. Right on Wayne. I've actually gone so far as to rent an apartment to use as an office, but that's expensive. Now I have a setup in the basement next to my weight room. It's the cave and it works. In the fall I take off to Italy for a couple of months, live in a cheap apartment, and write my face off...the beauty of being an author is that you can work from anywhere.

    1. That sounds like great fun. This winter, I plan to buy a slightly larger boat and keep it at a nearby marina. Haven't decided on a trawler or sailboat yet, but either way, I can escape to it to write when I want to.

  2. I have an office in my semi-converted garage, which provides a fair amount of privacy. It works out pretty well as a writer's man-cave!