Wayne Stinnett, Author

Wayne Stinnett, Author

Monday, February 23, 2015

Will KDP Select Countdown Deal Promos be coming to CA and AU?

Recently BookBub expanded their mailing list, or ratherm they separated their CA subscribers from the US list. I anticipate they'll do likewise with AU, with the UK and AU stores broken out.

Will Amazon follow suit and allow authors and publishers the ability to promote their KDP Select titles through a Countdown Deal in more than just the US and UK stores?

BookBub's reason for doing this seems clear. With just a single mailing list going to readers around the world, many are unable to take advantage of the deals, being restricted to buying only from their home country Amazon store. Better for public relations that they not know about the deals than be disappointed, or worse, clicking and finding the book they want for free is at full price in their countries store.

Recently, I contacted KDP and asked if they were going to offer Select promotional opportunities in other countries, particularly CA and AU. The response I received was full of the typical mumbo jumbo about being happy to assist me with my problem. But one line in the email caught my attention.

"Please note that we are unable to promise a certain time of release for this feature."

Would those of you who live in CA and AU be excited about being able to get free and discounted books? Would you authors in CA and AU take advantage of a new Select promotional tool?

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