Wayne Stinnett, Author

Wayne Stinnett, Author

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Two Best Sellers in the Kindle Store!!!

I woke up this morning to find that Fallen Palm and Fallen Hunter are together in the Kindle Store's Best Seller list for action mysteries. When Palm debuted in October, after five months of writing it, I was very humbled when friends bought it. I was averaging 1 or 2 book sales a day on Kindle.

I added the first two chapters of Fallen Hunter to the end of it in November and resubmitted it to Amazon and Kindle and sales continued at 1 or 2 downloads a day and I sold only 4 paperback copies that month. I also did a free Kindle giveaway on two occasions and several hundred people downloaded it.

When Fallen Hunter debuted in mid-December, I changed the cover design on Fallen Palm and resubmitted it again. A week before Christmas sales started picking up for both books, 95% of it being Kindle downloads. I assumed it was only people buying it as a gift. Sales of both books went from about 40 in mid-december to over 270 by the end of the month.

Just before New Year's Day, I added the first two chapters of Fallen Pride, the book I'm currently working on, to the end of Fallen Hunter and created a spread sheet to track daily sales of both books. Today, I'm greatly humbled because most of my friends who like to read have bought them, yet I'm averaging 35 books a day in sales, still about 95% Kindle downloads.

Early on, I calculated that I'd have to average 70 books a day to quit my day job, as an over the road truck driver and start writing full time. Just two months ago, I figured that might be in two years. Now, I see it as attainable before summer's end.

I have a number of friends who are truly great artists and have always earned their living as such. They all have expressed what a humbling experience it is every time someone buys their work. I'm only now beginning to understand that and am utterly amazed that total strangers from all over the world are now spending their hard earned money to read my 'sea stories'.

I want to thank every one of my friends and family who were the first to buy my books and to encourage their friends to buy them also. Your words of praise about my work have motivated and encouraged me to dream. For the first time, I can now say I am a novelist.

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