Wayne Stinnett, Author

Wayne Stinnett, Author

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Buy One Action Novel, Get Two Free!

With the publication date of my latest novel, Fallen Angel, quickly approaching, Amazon is offering the box set of the first three ebooks for the price of just the first one. For THREE BUCKS you get Fallen Out, regularly $2.99, Fallen Palm, regularly $3.99, and Fallen Hunter, also $3.99. I'll do the math cor ya. If bought separately, the price would be $10.97, for a savings of almost $8 off regular price. As you can see, it's even more than half off the regular price of the box set. Click the link below, to take advantage of this three day only deal.

This is nothing but a blatant display of commercialism, y'all. I want you to read these three, so that by the time you finish the next five in the series, you'll be ready to buy the new book, when it comes out. Fallen Angel will premier on Amazon on April 29th, so get to reading.


  1. Hello Mr. Stinnett!
    I owe you a big thank you and I would like you to know it. My husband, David Reichart, is attempting to self-publish as successfully as you have. He has spent countless hours pursuing this goal, and my part in the process so far, aside from reading his books, has been to hear him out and sympathize with the tough odds he is facing. I have to admit I only half listen sometimes to what he tells me he’s learning about the business, but believe me, I pay attention when he wants to spend yet more money on this pursuit. Deep down I guess it’s hard for me to believe he might actually make this happen—yeah, not the most supportive spouse; shame on me. You can imagine the fights that have ensued over this! Well, today he printed out a page of your blog dated July 19, 2015: The High Cost of Publishing, and handed it to me to read. Cogent and powerful and laying it all out convincingly—wow. Thank you. Because now I’m inspired too, and it feels so good to be on his side in this battle.
    Best wishes to you and your wife,
    Carol Reichart

  2. Thanks Carol. I hope he got the takeaway to not overspend early on. While it is tempting, not every writer and every genre have the same results. Spending more on quality editing and covers should be a goal achieved by using early sales to make later books better until the writer finds his audience.

    1. Thanks for helping my wife figure some of this stuff out, Wayne. She's not used to taking my advice, if you know what I mean. I was introduced to your work when I saw one of your "Fallen" books listed on Amazon as one of the books also purchased by people who bought my book, Death's Door. I was struck by the similarity between us. I've written many a novel scene from the sleeper of an 18-wheeler myself. The past few years I hauled containers locally into and out of Gulf Coast ports, mostly Mobile. I also took note of the fact that your protagonist is named Jesse, as is mine. And, I'm not a Marine, but I'm a Vietnam veteran and so, like your writting, mine has a pretty strong military influence.

      Last year, I finally hung up whatever it is truck drivers hang up and now I can devote full time to my writing. I've had books on Amazon for five years, but they were books I wanted to write based on personal experience. They're fiction, but they were inspired by real life events. I wish I had started my Palm Court Detectives series right away. I'd be on my fifth book instead of my second.

      I have to say, I've learned more from the blog on your Amazon Author Page than I have from a lot of the gurus out there. I know I have to have a list, but it seems like it will take forever trying to get subscribers through signup forms in my book. I don't have enough time or compelling information to draw a large audience to my WordPress blog. I picked up about a hundred subscribers in a week with a FaceBook ad but it cost me $250. I think I'll need to take your advice and be patient while writing my second and probably third novel in the series.

      Anway, thanks for the advice and for responding to my wife's post.

      Best Wishes,
      Dave Reichart

    2. Thanks for your service, Dave. Drop me an email, some time. I'd be happy to help any way I can.