Wayne Stinnett, Author

Wayne Stinnett, Author

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Book signing today!

For two hours this afternoon, I'll be signing and talking about my books at Earl's Hideaway in Sebastian, Florida.

Earl's might not be the typical kind of place to have a book signing, but it was a hangout of mine many years ago and I always try to get by there, when I'm in town. It's a stone's throw from the Indian River Lagoon, just a few miles south of my hometown, Melbourne. With live music, a tiki bar, and a great view of the water, it's always attracted people from all walks of life.

But primarily, it's always been a "biker bar." My kinda folks. The bikers I know, are a different sort of people than the stereotype. You see, I ride with Patriot Guard Riders. The bikers I know will give the shirt off their back, their last dime, or a hot meal, but for the asking. We'll stand in the hot sun, or pouring rain. All day, if that's what's asked. With no more than an invitation to do so, we'll stand to honor of those who stood for us. To see them off on a deployment, we stand. To welcome them home again, we stand. To be their with their loved ones, when they go to their final duty station, we stand.

A lot of us are Veterans. I expect a large number of Vets will be at this signing. Some will have their families with them. Others who come, will be in a "biker bar" like Earl's for the first time. Some will be my friends from Space Coast Paratroopers and Homes for Warriors. Some will be people I went to school with. Some will be old friends and family. Some will be new friends, when I leave. All will be welcomed.

Bikers aren't like the outlaws you see portrayed on screen. We're just like anyone else. We're doctors, or lawyers. We're blue collar, or white collar. We're black, white, and everything in between. We're poets and writers, musicians and actors. We just like to ride on two wheels sometimes.

So, come on out to Earl's today, have a beer with some bikers. You might run into someone you know.

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  1. I'm excited to be seeing you again Wayne and to be meeting your beautiful wife and daughter