Wayne Stinnett, Author

Wayne Stinnett, Author

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Results of the Big Book Promo

In the past blog posts, I've talked about the mechanics of setting up a front loaded promotion, using a big advertiser like BookBub as the anchor, and creating a stepped up climb to take advantage of how Amazon's algorithm work. I've also talked about using your mailing list to help launch a new book and that's reflected in these results as well.

So, what do the results look like five days afterward?

I took this screen shot of the Top 20 in the Action Adventure genre of Sea Adventures, yesterday afternoon. This is a smaller part of the Action Adventure category and usually represents the Top 20,000 in the Kindle Store. The Top six spots in this genre require a good 5000 overall rank in Amazon's Kindle store. Before last week's promo, my six books were stretched from Fallen King, which had held the #1 spot since it was released on 2/14, to Fallen Out at #19, with an over all rank about #20,000. 

Sell through from last week's promo has brought all six to the top in the Sea Adventures genre, which they still hold in a different order, today. Fallen Out took the top spot from Fallen King, the day BEFORE the BookBub ad on 3/19. The two have held those spots since, currently #944 and #3564, respectively, in the Kindle Store, with the others still scrambling around in the #3 to #6 spots.
Current Sea Adventures Top 20

From past experience with this same book in a promo set up in the same way, I had very similar results. I know a lot of you are ranking lower and wondering will this type of campaign work for your books. Results will vary, but it will work better than just applying to every advertiser you can, without planning the promo ahead of time and carefully filling the time slots. Not always with the best producer for that time slot, but with one that will produce slightly more sales than the previous ad did, but won't produce more than the following ad.

Hope this helps and gives you some motivation. Keep Writing.

Semper Fi,

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  1. My biggest issue is getting BB to take a book at 99 cents. I can get a freebie from them all day long (knock on wood), but want to try this strategy at some point. By the way, I personally don't think booking a bunch of ads for a freebie is worth it. I've hit #1 in the Kindle store with just BB and have had a very nice long tale from it.
    Thanks for the info.