Wayne Stinnett, Author

Wayne Stinnett, Author

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Cover Reveal and Change in Donation Recipient

Hi everyone. Sorry it's been so long since I posted. Summer's are really busy around here with harvesting and we've made a few trips to the coast. School starts in a few weeks, so we're home for a while now.

After going back and forth for weeks on the title of my current work in progress and a lot of contests on Facebook to see what my readers liked, I've made a decision. I contacted my photographer in Florida, told him what I wanted and asked him to search through his files for a photo. Again, Tim Ebaugh has knocked it out of the park. I've known Tim and his family for nearly forty years. His dad, Bob was a photographer for NASA before retiring. Tim has learned a lot from him and coupled that with his natural affinity for light, color, and composition. Tim was the photographer for the cover of Fallen Hunter and did the graphics on all four titles. What do you think?

Another friend in central Florida is retired Paratrooper, David Isnardi. Snard and I grew up together in Melbourne, Florida. Not long ago, he was instrumental in creating Space Coast Paratroopers Association and through that Home for Warriors, a non-profit organization dedicated to remodeling and adapting new homes for central Florida's Wounded Warriors. 

I'd been donating half the profit of Fallen Pride to Wounded Warrior Project, a nationwide non-profit, but after seeing what Snard's doing on a local basis, I decided my money could do a lot more in the community I grew up in. To that end, I changed the Fallen Pride donation to go to this charity. I plan to go home from time to time and help with upcoming projects they're involved in.

I'm roughly half way through writing the first draft of Fallen Mangrove, formerly Fallen Coconut. Jesse has bought the seaplane featured in Fallen Pride, which belonged to a friend. One of the great things about writing is the research. This plane, a 1953 deHavilland Beaver, is a beautiful and very versatile aircraft. I've been communicating with Tripp Wacker, of Ryan Aviation Seaplanes in Palm Coast, FL, getting details about the plane just right. I may go down there and take a flight in Tripp's Beaver. They're one of the few places that provide training in this aircraft. This video features Tripp and his DHC-2.

I'm still planning an early October release for this book. I should have the first draft completed by mid-September. Then it'll go through a week of beta and proof reading, before going to the editor.  October 8th will the the anniversary of the publication of my first novel Fallen Palm. I'd really like to schedule the release of Fallen Mangrove for that date. 

I just downloaded Just Needs Killin, by my friend, Jinx Schwartz. It's the sixth book in the Hetta Coffey series and I'm currently reading the fifth, Just the Pits. I highly recommend this series about a woman who lives aboard her yacht in the Sea of Cortez in Mexico and all the trouble she runs into. The first book in the series is Just Add Water (Hetta Coffey Series Book 1)

Semper Fi,

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